Coco Sumner- Monday’s Obsession

 If you dont already know i always like to discover upcoming talent in all forms, today i had the help of spotify, which i cannot live without these days. I usually scan by album covers and if they look interesting I will try, a bit like in the days gone by of record browsing in shops. Today i found I BLAME COCO,  (i know she’s not new to the scene but her name and music together are new to me)i thought wow what a very unusual,unique cool androgynous voice and the music was very upbeat, exactly what I need to add to my collection, not to mention she’s got the look. Who is this girl, i thought i need to find out, well she is Sting’s offspring, but all the credit goes to I Blame Coco. A definite must on my wishlist of people to photograph! Check her out…


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